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From the Heart: Vote for Who?

A somewhat personal post today, as I'm very curious about your current candidate of choice. If you feel inspired by your candidate, please reply back and let me know your rationale for your vote.

As for me, I am in California, and expected to place my mail-in ballot in the mailbox today with a checkmark next to 'Mike' - but that won't be happening, today or otherwise.

Simply put, Michael Bloomberg unleashed a horrible, awful performance. I watched the second hour live on the NBC feed, and heard the first hour (later/out of order) on MSNBC livestream radio. What I heard reinforced what I saw - Michael Bloomberg was unprepared for obvious attacks, flustered, condescending, arrogant, pompous, out of touch, and off-putting. The word I keep coming back to is 'gross' - a harsh assessment, but I'm almost ashamed that I was supporting him.

So who to support?

Elizabeth Warren rises from the ashes AGAIN (only person known to man that has rebounded from a Trump drubbing - Pocahontas), landing blow after blow, specifically on Bloomberg. Most importantly, her message and heart won me over. She is fierce, highly-intelligent, and a fighter.

Bernie Sanders has dramatic - and some say, unAmerican - politics but he is the most consistent and authentic candidate and I love him as a person. He has a true movement behind him, and it's astounding to think that he can maintain this level of energy and passion for FIVE years now. By comparison, Beto O’Rourke didn't last 18 months.

Pete Buttigieg is the Democrats’ Marco Rubio. He's cookie-cutter perfect; checks every box, and then some. Young, articulate, photogenic, great backstory, sharp, prepared, equanimous. . .but his consistency dulls his edge. There is no edge. He's pragmatic; he's moderate. . .but I'm not excited to vote for him.

Amy Klobuchar has great political positioning, but I think her time is done and she needs to step aside. The presence and charisma are lacking, and I can't get behind her as the main candidate.

Joe Biden - I eliminated Joe after the first debate as I really didn’t think he was up to the challenge. He was perfect in 2016 but the fickle finger of fate had other ideas. Had a huge opportunity in this week’s debate; no pressure, no target on his back, he looks downright cuddly compared to Bloomberg, and he was borderline incoherent, awkwardly angry, and detached. He is a great American, but not the right candidate for me in 2020.

I have imposed a ten-day deadline to mail my ballot (Feb 29). Let's see what develops. Thanks for your feedback.




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