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Who WE Are Voting For.

Last week’s issue of DPT2020, From the Heart: Vote For Who, was the most widely read and shared issue I’ve ever published. The outpouring of responses from people supporting (just about) every candidate was mind-blowing, and I am thankful for the feedback, input, and opinions.

Overall, I am very thankful for the 271 responses from people willing to share who they voted for AND why. I have asked permission to share some of the most interesting, evocative responses, and will be publishing some excerpts below.

One common thread in the email responses was that many people were curious who I am, especially if I am soliciting personal information from my readers.

This is my Facebook profile. I’m a 41-year old, non-practicing Jewish male from Studio City, California. I’m married to a wonderful, beautiful Mexican interior designer - together we have a six-year old son and three dogs. I created this newsletter to hopefully bring clarity to a chaotic field that once had 27 (!) candidates. Now at a more manageable eight, it is easier to focus but difficult to decide.

Responses to come, but first - the tally:

Elizabeth Warren: 65 responses (24%)

Bernie Sanders: 58 responses (21%)

Joe Biden: 52 responses (19%)

Pete Buttigieg: 41 responses (15%)

Michael Bloomberg: 29 responses (11%)

Amy Klobuchar: 22 responses (8%)

Tulsi Gabbard: 4 responses (1%)

Tom Steyer: 0 responses (0%)

Now, some of the responses:

Pam O. (Columbia, MD)

Steve C. (East Montpelier, Vermont)

Quentin L. (Boulder Creek, CO)

Valerie D. (San Clemente, CA)

Susan G. (Ooltewah, TN)

Albert M. (Sarasota, FL)

Crystal Z (Studio City, CA)

Linda B. (Lafayette, CO)

E.J. (Massachusetts)

John K. (Holland, IN)

Debbie G. (no town provided)

Martha W. (West Point, VA)

Cindee S. (Clarksville, TN)

Dawn P. (Fowlerville, MI)

These responses all have something in common: People go through a lot of soul-searching to get to a decision. They are not demographics, nor factions, nor blocs - these are individuals. People are earnest, and sometimes deeply-conflicted individuals weighing so many variables until they are comfortable deciding for themselves.

So. . .Who Did I Vote For?

I voted for Elizabeth Warren. I can be proud of my vote knowing that:

She is passionate, authentic, thoughtful, and highly intelligent.

She has a plan for everything.

She is tough, resilient, and a fighter that is one of the few people to be vilified by Trump and continue to rise from the ashes.

She has a great sense of humor.

Perhaps, in this era of ‘throw conventional wisdom out the window,’ she may end up being the Vice President (Co-President?) on a Bernie Sanders ticket.

Warren is not my dream candidate (that was Michelle Obama), nor do I believe she will win in California on Super Tuesday (looks like it will be Sanders). That said, I can sleep well at night knowing that after 12 months of research, participation, and conversations, I voted for a fantastic person and great candidate in the 2020 Democratic primary.




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